Power Through Your Day with Postbox's Best-in-Class Tools

Get it done, fast. Whatever your day throws at you, cut through it with ease using Postbox's powerful tools and integrations.


Cloud File Sharing New

Share links to your Dropbox, Box or OneDrive files instead of sending the files themselves. Messages send faster, you'll save hard drive space, and files can be updated outside of the email message.

Simply drag and drop a file from your storage folder into the body of a message and a link to that file will be created automatically.


Quick Bar New

Quickly add any type of content to a message. Use a keyboard shortcut to bring up the Quick Add Panel, and start typing. Postbox will autocomplete against your pre-canned Responses, Signatures, and Topics. It can even let you reuse all the URLs hiding within your Sent folder. It's like macros with a pinch of magic.


Real-Time Tracking New

Postbox is all about efficiency, and we've added a great new tool that keeps you from spending too much time writing emails. The Composition Goals feature provides a user-configurable character/word counter and stopwatch that indicates to users when a message being written exceeds a desired length, or has taken too long to write.

The counters exist within each composition window, and will increment only when a window is active. Thus, you can switch between different composition windows, and the timers will pause and resume as you would expect.

Macros to Streamline Your Work Improved

Create a set of pre-written responses to streamline your work. When you find yourself replying over and over to common inquiries, such as in customer service or sales roles, these can save valuable time. Responses can include text, HTML formatting and images, perfect for brochures, price sheets, portfolios or any content that drives your business.


Smarter Contacts Sidebar New

In Postbox 4, we’ve made it easier for you to quickly fire off a new email to someone you’ve been in contact with, or to quickly add that person to an ongoing thread. The Compose window’s Contacts Sidebar now shows you the name, image (if they have one), and address of your most recent correspondents.

Quick Unsubscribe New

With this feature, emails from subscription services have a convenient "Unsubscribe" link right in the message header. Unsubscribe from unwanted messages with just a click to keep your Inbox tidy.


Code Mode New

For those who like to get their hands dirty, we have a full HTML editing engine built right into the compose window. Hack away at your email code using an advanced code editor that includes syntax highlighting, auto-complete and your choice of themes.


Domain Fencing New

Ever accidentally sent a work email from your personal account – or vice-versa? Let’s fix that forever. Postbox can warn you when you send, or not send, to specific domains. Change your settings for each of your accounts to suit your personal workflow.

Quick Move Improved

File messages without touching your mouse. Just type "v" and the first few letters of the target folder's name, and the message will file to your auto-completed selection. The Quick Move panel defaults to the last used folder for even faster filing.

Quick Folder Switch Improved

Jump to another folder using your keyboard with Quick Switch. While viewing messages, type "g" to bring up the Quick Switch window, then start typing the name of the folder you would like to switch to, such as "Sent." Postbox will auto-complete and display corresponding accounts.

Message Editing

Edit any message by pressing the Action button within the message header. Update the status of a Reminder without having to send a message to yourself. Change the message subject or any part of the message body, and when you're finished, you can either save your changes or create a copy to preserve the original.

One-Click Archiving

You can move messages from the Inbox to a dedicated Archive Folder by clicking the Archive button in the toolbar, or by typing the letter "a" when viewing a message. Combine the use of the Archive Folder with advanced search to keep your Inbox clean.

Send and Archive

Send and Archive is one command for the following actions … drumroll please… Send and Archive. Supported in both Quick Reply and Compose windows, it's a great way to keep your inbox tidy.