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How to Upgrade to Postbox 3

Already a Postbox customer?  Here's how to upgrade to Postbox 3:

If you have a Postbox Lifetime Upgrades License, then simply enter your license key into Postbox 3 and you're all set!  There's nothing you need to purchase.

If you purchased from the Postbox Store on or after August 15th, 2011, then you already have a Postbox 3 license key!  Simply download the new version from our website (the trial) and Postbox 3 will use your existing license key, mail settings, etc.  There's nothing more to set up!

If you purchased from the Postbox Store before August 15th, 2011, then you are eligible to upgrade to Postbox 3 for only $9.95.  Visit the Postbox Store and enter your Postbox 1.x or Postbox 2.x license key during checkout.  Next, download the trial version of Postbox from our website and enter your new license key. Postbox 3 will use your existing email settings, so you should be good to go.

If you purchased Postbox from the Mac App Store:


Therefore, we are offering Mac App Store customers an upgrade to Postbox 3 at the Postbox Store for $9.95.  Here's how to upgrade:

  • To purchase the Postbox 3 upgrade, please load the Postbox start page by selecting "Home" from the Postbox "Go" menu (note: your start page must be set to the default in Preferences / General).  Here you will find instructions on how to purchase the Postbox 3 upgrade. (Note: Once you upgrade, future updates will be provided through Postbox, which will also provide you with additional functionality such as iCal and iPhoto integration.)
  • Go into your Applications folder and drag the Postbox application to the trash (don't worry, your mail and settings are located elsewhere).
  • Empty your Trash.
  • Restart your Mac.
  • Download and install Postbox (the trial) from the Postbox website.  
  • Start Postbox, and enter your license key by selecting License from the Help menu.

Technical Note:

If you are upgrading from an earlier version of Postbox, you may wish to re-index your messages to improve search performance.  Go to the Tools menu and select Indexing > Index All Folders.  You may wish to perform this function overnight to avoid work disruptions.

Additional Info

For more information on Postbox licensing, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions page!