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Postbox 3 Screenshots

    Postbox Conversation View

    Vertical View + Conversation View

    Postbox now supports a double-row Vertical Thread Pane View, which makes more efficient use of widescreen displays. To see it in action, select "Layout" then "Vertical View" from the View menu.

    Postbox Conversation Views gather conversation fragments from multiple folders and presents them within a unified view. Quickly bring yourself up to speed and jump into discussions with more information, context, and insight.

    Download Mac 266 KB PNG | Windows 123 KB PNG

    Postbox Focus Pane

    Classic View with Focus Pane

    The Focus Pane is a new feature that lets you break your Inbox (and workload) into smaller, more manageable chunks. Focus your view by your highest priority attributes, Topics, Contacts or dates, without losing track of what's happening elsewhere.

    Download Mac 263 KB PNG | Windows 99 KB PNG

    Postbox Favorites Bar

    Favorites Bar

    The Favorites Bar provides fast access to your Accounts and Favorite Folders. Use the Accounts & Folders Pane slider to simplify your view or maximize message viewing space. Quickly change your search scope to/from the Current Folder or All Folders.

    Download Mac 209 KB PNG

    Postbox Document Search

    Attachment Search

    Search Views provide fast and direct access to attachments. Simply click on the View button within the Toolbar to change your view to that content type. No more digging through email messages to find the file or image that you need!

    Download Mac 170 KB PNG | Windows 96 KB PNG

    Postbox Image Search

    Image Search

    Click the Images button in the toolbar to open a gallery of images from the currently selected folder. The most relevant images are displayed first, with options to filter by any message criteria such as sender, date, subject, etc. Images can be zoomed and previewed like a slideshow.

    Download Mac 518 KB PNG | Windows 417 KB PNG

    Postbox Compose Window Search

    Message Compose with Attachment Search

    While composing a new message, you can search for attachments, images, and contacts by clicking on a content icon within the Compose Sidebar, located on the right side of the compose window. Then, simply double-click or drag-and-drop search results into your new message.

    Download Mac 109 KB PNG | Windows 66 KB PNG

    Postbox Compose Summarize Mode

    Message Compose with Summarize Mode

    Summarize provides a clean and beautifully formatted who-said-what-when email that lets message recipients jump into discussions with more clarity, context and insight.

    Download Mac 67 KB PNG | Windows 45 KB PNG