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Postbox Graphics

These application icon and logo graphics files are available for use on press/media websites and blogs:

Postbox Icon

Postbox 3 Icon

Corporate Logo

Postbox Logo

Designed by Mike Rohde

The Postbox logo and application icon were designed by Mike Rohde, and you can learn more about Mike's design process on his Flickr photostream.

Mike is a designer and art director with a passion for simple, effective and usable design solutions. His focus is on logo and identity design, application icons design, web design and UI design for web and Mac applications.

Mike has 20+ years experience as a professional designer, working in print design for the first 10 years of his career, before transitioning to web and application design for the last 10 years.

His focus is on producing simple, clean and effective design solutions, whether that be a company or product identity, application icon, web design or a user interface for an application.

The process Mike has developed starts with listening to clients and performing research, which inform iterative pencil sketches. This process is a highly collaborative approach, as Mike works directly with clients on sketches through the execution of the idea as a new logo, icon, website or user interface on the computer.

Mike is a member of the 9rules network, founder of the Palm Tipsheet e-newsletter and founding member of the Milwaukee tech/development/design group Web414.