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30-day free trial for Windows (need Mac OSX?)

Postbox Express

Postbox Express 1.0.1 is based on the same platform as our premium version of Postbox, but contains a lighter-weight feature set.

PLEASE NOTE: Postbox Express is no longer under active development. The last shipping version of Postbox Express is 1.0.1.

Compare the Postbox Editions

Download Postbox Express 1.0.1 for Windows (XP, Vista and 7)

Download Postbox Express 1.0.1 for Mac OS X (Tiger 10.4 through Snow Leopard 10.6)


  • How does Postbox Express compare to Postbox?

    Postbox is a fully featured email solution that provides powerful search, organization, and productivity tools for busy professionals. It contains a much larger feature set, more frequent releases and a faster pace of innovation, which makes Postbox feel more "alive" and relevant than other desktop email clients.

  • Is it easy to upgrade from Postbox Express to Postbox?

    Absolutely! Because both products share the same configuration files, an upgrade to Postbox is completely seamless and hassle free.