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New and Improved Support for Mac OS X

February 8, 2010

Postbox now integrates with the Mac OS X technologies and applications you rely on most to get stuff done. Here’s what’s new:

Mac Address Book Support
Postbox provides read and write support for the Mac Address Book. Keep all of your contacts in one location and sync them with your iPhone or MobileMe service.

Send Meeting Invites with iCal
Apple’s iCal can now use Postbox for sending calendar notifications.

Search for Mail Using Spotlight
Postbox provides full support for Apple’s Spotlight to search through message bodies, message header information such as To: or From:, and attachment names. 

Exchange Images with iPhoto
You can export photos directly from Postbox into iPhoto, and iPhoto will use Postbox to send photos as well!

Send Link from Safari
Easily send a web page link from Safari using Postbox. Very handy!

Lookup in Dictionary
Direct text-to-Dictionary lookups will help you quickly pick the perfect words.

Drag-to-Dock Message Creation
Dragging a file to the Postbox icon in the Dock will create a new message with the file attached.

Learn more about these new features and how to use them in our Quickstart Guide.

And now, with our new Refer-a-Friend Program, we’ve created an exciting way for you save on Postbox, or even get Postbox for FREE! See our Refer-a-Friend Program Page for details.

Posted by Sherman Dickman

Refer Your Friends, and Get Postbox for FREE!

February 8, 2010

Our Refer-a-Friend Program is easy! Tell your friends about Postbox, and earn $5 each time someone purchases with your coupon code! Refer six friends and Postbox is effectively FREE!

Step 1 - Save $10 on Postbox!
Use your search skills. Find a coupon code to purchase Postbox for just $39.95 $29.95!

Step 2 - Share your Coupon Code
We’ll give you your own coupon code for “$10 Off Postbox.” Share it via Facebook, Twitter, your blog, email… anywhere.

Step 3 - Make $5 each time someone uses your code!
You get it - make 6 referrals and we’ll send you $30 - the price you paid for Postbox. Any more… and it’s all gravy.

There you have it. Postbox for about the price of a pizza, plus a way to earn it all back and give your friends a discount. Everyone wins!

To get started, search Google or Twitter for a coupon code to Save $10 on Postbox today! If you are an existing customer, simply select License… from the Help menu, and click Get Referral Code.

To learn more, please see our Refer-a-Friend Program page, read our FAQ, or review the Terms and Conditions.

A special “Thanks!” to Charlie Wood of Spanning Sync for his help and advice on the development of this program.

Posted by Sherman Dickman

Indie+Relief Effort to Aid Haiti

January 20, 2010


Today, nearly 150 software developers are participating in Indie+Relief, an effort to help the people of Haiti who are in desperate need of aid. Proceeds from today’s sales will be donated to a variety of charities and support organizations, such as the American Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders, UNICEF and more.

Visit Indie+Relief today to purchase some terrific software and to help those in need.

Posted by Sherman Dickman

Changes to Postbox Purchase Options

December 10, 2009

Businesses and individuals can now order multiple copies of Postbox and benefit from volume discounts:

Postbox 1.1

2-10 copies$29.95 (25% discount)
11-20 copies$27.95 (30% discount)
21+ copies$25.95 (35% discount)

Postbox 1.1 with Lifetime Upgrades

2-10 copies$48.68 (25% discount)
11-20 copies$45.43 (30% discount)
21+ copies$42.19 (35% discount)

Additionally, Postbox will be discontinuing the Family Pack purchase option effective 12/23/09. Families can still take advantage of volume discounts (starting at just 2 copies) and student discounts of up to 50% off Postbox.

Posted by Sherman Dickman

Postbox 1.1 Now Available!

December 1, 2009

We’re excited to announce the release of Postbox 1.1 for Windows and Mac. In a nutshell, this release rocks, and it’s available for free to all Postbox users. Here’s a rundown on what’s new:

  • Improved Performance - Postbox is now faster and more responsive—take it for a test drive!
  • Languages - Postbox now supports community-translated language packs, including German, French, Spanish (Spain), English (British), Italian, Dutch, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, and Swedish, with more on the way.
  • New Setup Wizard - When creating a new mail account, Postbox will automatically determine your connection settings for you. All you need to know is your user name, e-mail address, and account password!
  • Better Looking Images - Photos in Postbox are now sharper and have more accurate colors.
  • Interface Improvements - We’ve polished the Windows 7 and Vista themes to a high gloss shine, and on the Mac, Postbox now sports more native looking UI elements.

But there’s more!  For the full list of changes, please see the Postbox 1.1 release notes.

We hope you enjoy using this latest release, and thanks for helping us spread the word on Postbox!

- The Postbox Team

Posted by Sherman Dickman

Holiday Sale!

December 1, 2009

To celebrate the holidays, we’re having a sale!  Save up to 25% on Postbox plus all add-on purchase options!

$39.95$29.95Postbox 1.1
A single-user license for Postbox 1.1 that you can install on any computer you personally use.
$19.95$14.95+ Family Pack Option
Allows up to five household family members to use your Postbox license.
$24.95$19.95+ Lifetime Upgrade Option
Purchase once and get instant access to all future major upgrades of Postbox (e.g. 2.0, 3.0, etc).

Postbox makes a great gift, so visit the Postbox Store to save on Postbox for yourself and everyone on your holiday list. Sale ends Wednesday, December 23rd at 5:00PM PST.

Happy Holidays from the Postbox Team!


Posted by Sherman Dickman

Postbox 1.1 Beta 2 Now Available

November 13, 2009

A new Postbox BETA release is now available for testing. Here’s what’s new:

  • Languages - To use a different language in Postbox, go to File / Languages and select a language. Note: translations may contain some English strings since they are still being worked on by volunteers.
  • Incorporated Mozilla Firefox 3.5.5 security and bug fixes.
  • XLIST support for IMAP servers, which enables Postbox to automatically detect special folders such as Sent, Trash, and Drafts in accounts such as Gmail.
  • Account Setup - When creating a new mail account, Postbox will attempt to figure out your connection settings for you.

Note: This beta is intended for early evaluation and feedback, and users of the latest released version of Postbox should not expect all of their add-ons to work properly with this beta.

Download the Postbox 1.1 BETA 2 Release

Submit Feedback

We’re excited to hear your feedback on Postbox 1.1, so please use our beta site to report issues or ask questions about this release.

Special Thanks

This beta includes several enhancements from the Mozilla platform. A special thanks to the entire Mozilla community for continuing to move the platform forward.

- The Postbox Team

Posted by Scott MacGregor

A Great Alternative for Xoopit for Gmail Users

November 11, 2009

As announced, the Xoopit for Gmail service will be closing down this Friday, November 13th, 2009. If you’re currently using Xoopit, your files and photos will still be attached to your Gmail messages, but you will no longer be able to access Xoopit services.

To receive a similar experience, you could migrate all of your email to Yahoo Mail, but there’s another compelling alternative — Postbox!

Postbox gives you instant access to files and photos buried within your email messages.

You can search for files and photos by contact, subject, date, text snippet, or tag from almost anywhere within the interface. Postbox then provides you with simple and intuitive ways to use what you’ve found.

Postbox works great with Gmail, but it also works with files and photos from ALL of your email accounts, including Yahoo mail, your work mail, or any other POP or IMAP account.

And because Postbox does all of its cataloging on your computer, you won’t have to surrender your email credentials to a third party, or compromise the privacy and confidentiality of your email data.

Postbox is quick to download and a snap to install, so if you’re a Xoopit for Gmail user, or simply want a better way to find and use email content, then we hope you give Postbox a try!

- The Postbox Team

Posted by Sherman Dickman

Postbox 1.1 Beta 1 Now Available

November 2, 2009

We’re pleased to announce the availability of Postbox 1.1 BETA 1, which contains the latest and greatest improvements gained from our move to the Mozilla Firefox 3.5 platform.  Here’s what’s new and exciting about this release:

  • Faster Performance - Postbox is now faster and more responsive than ever, so give it a spin!
  • Better Looking Images - Postbox contains an improved graphics engine that produces sharper images with more accurate color.
  • Improved UI Elements - For our Mac OS X users, Postbox now has more native looking UI elements, so it will fit right in with your Mac.
  • More Reliable - 1.1 BETA 1 contains a number of reliability and stability fixes. Please see our release notes for the full set of changes.
  • Localizations - Postbox localizations are now under way! If you would like to help localize Postbox, or just want to stay up-to-date with the latest localization news, please sign-up for our Localization Newsletter, or help us test a Language Pack.

Testing Postbox 1.1 BETA 1

Note: This BETA is available for testing purposes only. For increased stability and reliability, please use the latest production version, which is currently Postbox 1.0.2.

1) Download the Postbox 1.1 BETA 1 Release

2) Tell us what you think!

We’re excited to hear your thoughts on Postbox 1.1, so please use our feedback site to report issues or ask questions about this release.

- The Postbox Team

Posted by Sherman Dickman

Postbox 1.0.2 Now Available

October 26, 2009

We strive to make every new Postbox release better than previous one.

In addition to listening to the great feedback we get from our users, we also analyze the crash reports that our users privately and securely submit to us.

In Postbox 1.0.2, we’re happy to announce that we’ve fixed several of our “top crashers”, making this release the most “rock solid” to date!

For the full list of changes, please see the release notes.

Posted by Seth Spitzer

Postbox is Windows 7 Ready!

October 23, 2009

Windows 7 is a terrific new OS, but since it doesn’t include an email client by default, now is a great time for new Windows 7 users to try Postbox!

Postbox is ready for Windows 7! We’ve been testing Postbox with beta builds of Windows 7 for several months, and we’re pleased to report that it works amazing and searches your email at blazingly fast speeds. We even styled the interface to complement the new look and feel of Windows 7.

If you’re already using Postbox, you don’t have to do anything special when upgrading from Vista to Windows 7.

If you plan to move from Windows XP directly to Windows 7, we suggest you use the MozBackup application listed on our Extensions page.  Simply back up your Postbox profile from Windows XP, save it to an external drive, and then restore it after installing Windows 7 and Postbox.

You can also use MozBackup to migrate from Thunderbird to Postbox.

For more setup tips and tricks, please visit our Support page.

- The Postbox Team

Posted by Sherman Dickman

Postbox Licensing Detail and Benefits

October 7, 2009

We receive lots of licensing questions, so here’s an overview of our licensing model and its many benefits.

Postbox 1.0 License

Many people have more than one computer, so a single-user license lets you run Postbox on any computer you personally use (e.g. your work computer, laptop, and home computer).

Your Postbox license will work on both Windows and Mac.

The Postbox 1.0 license is valid for all current and future releases in the 1.0 product line, including maintenance releases (1.0.1, 1.0.2, etc.) and minor upgrades (1.1, 1.2, etc.).

The Postbox 1.0 license does not expire. Once purchased, you can use Postbox 1.x for as long as you like.

Once localized versions of Postbox are made available, your Postbox license will transfer over seamlessly.

Family Pack Option

The Family Pack option allows up to five family members within the same household to use your Postbox license on their computers. All of the benefits outlined above for single-user licenses are extended to other household members.

Lifetime Upgrades Option

This one-time purchase option provides you with automatic access to all future versions of Postbox, including 2.0, 3.0, etc. This option also covers Family Pack licenses!

This unique option was developed to reward early adopters of Postbox 1.0. As such, it will only be available for a limited time.

More Info

For additional information, please see our FAQ.

Note: the Lifetime Upgrades Option was inspired by the good people at Spanning Sync and Spectacular Apps. Thank you Charlie and David for your help and advice!

Posted by Sherman Dickman

New Postbox Release, and What’s Next

October 5, 2009

Postbox 1.0.1 Now Available

A new version of Postbox is now available!  This release contains a number of features and improvements requested by Postbox users, and represents the first of many rapid releases to come.

Here’s what’s new and improved in 1.0.1:

  • You can now Archive to any folder within any account - even across accounts and to local folders too!  This makes it possible to do things like archive mail from your Yahoo! account to a folder on Gmail.
  • Conversation views can now be customized to display in chronological or reverse chronological order.
  • Message headers within conversation views will now display contact photos, making it easier to scan for and identify participants in a conversation.
  • Favorite topics can now be assigned to the selected message using 1-9 on your keyboard.
  • The color of a topic can now be applied to the entire row in the message list.
  • A larger font size can now be used within the message list (Mac only).
  • Quick Look is now supported on Snow Leopard (Mac OS X 10.6).
  • For power users, Postbox can be configured to no longer insert the “- -” before signatures (see the release notes for details)
  • Support for the popular Enigmail add-on, which will allow you to sign and encrypt messages using PGP.
  • Fixed a problem some users have been having with having to re-enter their License code for Postbox after an update or restarting.
  • Several reliability fixes and security updates from the latest Mozilla Firefox 3.0.14 release.

For the full list of changes, please see the release notes.

What’s Next?

Lot’s of exciting things will be happening over the next few months.  We’re now gearing up our localization efforts for Postbox starting with the most highly requested languages. Current Postbox users will be able to switch to localized versions as they become available.  If you would like to participate in our localization efforts or be informed of developments as they arise, please sign-up for our localization newsletter.

We’re also evaluating all the terrific feedback we’ve received over the beta period and since we shipped 1.0, and are currently prioritizing these features and scheduling them into our release roadmap.  Some features will be familiar to our Get Satisfaction community, but we will also have some surprises in store as well.

And staying true to our rapid release model (we had 16 betas!), the next version of Postbox is just around the corner, so stay tuned to see what comes next.

Posted by Sherman Dickman

Postbox 1.0 Now Available!

September 9, 2009
Postbox 1.0

We started Postbox with a simple goal: to help people be more successful and productive, so they can spend less time managing email and more time doing things they enjoy.

Today, we’re proud to announce the availability of Postbox 1.0, a new desktop email application that offers powerful new ways to find, use, and view email messages and content, organize work life, and simply get things done.

To learn more about what makes Postbox great, please visit our features page.

Thanks to everyone who provided feedback and support during the beta period, we couldn’t have done it without you!

- The Postbox Team

Posted by Scott MacGregor

Postbox 1.0 Beta 16 Now Available

September 3, 2009

Less than three weeks after our last release, we’re pleased to announce the availability of Beta 16.  Thanks to all our users who have been privately and securely submitting crash reports.  With your help, Beta 16 is the most stable version yet!  We’ve also made sure that Beta 16 is compatible with Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard).  Please refer to our release notes for the full set of changes.

Many Postbox users also use Gmail in their browser and might have experienced the unfortunate Gmail outage this week.  Fortunately, IMAP and POP access were unaffected, so Postbox Gmail users were able to access their mail.  With Postbox, even when you can’t access the internet or your mail server is unreachable, you can still be productive.

Our pre-release sale is over, thanks to everyone who purchased a license! If you missed the sale you can still take advantage of our Save A Friend $10 Program or our Student Discount Program.

- The Postbox Team

Posted by Seth Spitzer