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What, Me Hurry?

January 5, 2011

First there was Slow Food, a worldwide movement against wolfing down mass-produced food. Then there was Slow Travel, an effort to get tourists to interact more deeply with the places they visit. From there, the trend has spawned everything from Slow Sex to Slow Art, Slow Gardening, and Slow Software Design.

Recently, the trend has started to creep into the business world with consultants, agencies and bloggers promoting Slow Marketing, Slow Branding and Slow Work.

What the slow movements have in common is a distaste for the ever-increasing pace of modern life and a healthy suspicion for products quickly conceived and poorly created. If you think you’re working faster and getting less done, it might be worth a look at the International Institute of Not Doing Much website. Tips include: “yawn often” and “spend more time in the bathtub.”

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