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The People Who Make Postbox 2 Rock

October 4, 2010

Postbox is built by a group of talented designers and developers from around the Web. A hearty note of “Thanks!” to following individuals for their contributions to Postbox 2!

Bryan Bell, Graphic Design
Bryan Bell helped develop the look and feel of the Postbox user interface, including in-product icons and graphics. Bryan has been an Internet-oriented designer for the past 10 years, and designs simple, crisp, and attractive websites, icons, and user-interfaces for several other products and clients.

Mike Rohde, Icon Design
Mike Rohde designed the original Postbox application icon, and for Postbox 2, updated the icon with a brighter, more modern look.  Mike’s focus is on logo & identity design, application icon design and sketchnote illustrations, working with clients around the world. Mike illustrated the 37signals book REWORK, and was official sketchnoter at SXSW Interactive, SEED 3 and An Event Apart.

Kenichi Yoshida, Icon Design
Kenichi Yoshida is a digital artist and designer that specializes in user interface icons, and Kenichi designed the icons for the Windows version of Postbox 2. Kenichi has been creating icons for Mac + Windows developers since 2005, and is always looking for interesting and unique projects.

Luke Dorny, Web Design
Luke was the ringmaster behind the Postbox 2 website redesign, and is one of the principles at Butter Label, a Pixels, Packaging, and Print design firm. They’re not on a mission, but rather, contractable and all wrapped up in design.

Tim Van Damme, Web Design
Tim Van Damme is a 24-year old interface designer, based and raised in Belgium, who helped give the Postbox 2 website it’s distinctive look and feel. He designs interfaces as a freelancer at Made by Elephant, and loves everything involving on- and offline design.  He’s also a wanna-be writer at Maxvoltar.

Noah Stokes, Web Developer
Noah Stokes is one heck of a Web Developer that transformed the Postbox 2 web design into working reality. He has one of the most unique resumes in the business, and in a nutshell, he can and will do anything if you pay more than In-N-Out.

Brian Artka, Web Developer
Brian’s specialty, and passion, is the front-end development of the Web. Armed with a great sense of design and a precise attention to details, Brian can turn almost any design mock-up into a full fledged website. Brian provides these services as Founder and CEO of size43 LLC, located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Thanks again for rocking Postbox 2!

- The Postbox Team


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