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Postbox 1.0 Beta 11 Now Available

April 17, 2009

The Postbox BETA 11 release contains a number of performance and memory utilization improvements for the Postbox indexer. The indexer looks within email messages for interesting content, and then adds everything it finds to a searchable database. Around the office, we affectionately call our indexer “The Hammer”, because it powers many of the new features in Postbox.

For long indexing operations on Windows Vista, initial tests indicate that the BETA 11 indexer uses about 75%-85% less memory, and indexes about 3 times faster than BETA 10.*

We’re excited by this first round of optimizations to “The Hammer”, and we look forward to continued improvements in future updates.

- The Postbox Team

* As with any performance or memory test, your mileage will vary depending on hardware, memory, message sizes, operating system, etc.  Our test scenario measured the difference between BETA 10 and 11, and was run using the following:

  • MacBook Pro with 4 GB of RAM running Windows Vista
  • Sample data set of 36,000 messages previously downloaded and stored locally
  • Indexing performed while Postbox was in offline mode
  • Memory measured using the Windows Vista resource monitor tool


Posted by Scott MacGregor