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New and Improved Support for Mac OS X

February 8, 2010

Postbox now integrates with the Mac OS X technologies and applications you rely on most to get stuff done. Here’s what’s new:

Mac Address Book Support
Postbox provides read and write support for the Mac Address Book. Keep all of your contacts in one location and sync them with your iPhone or MobileMe service.

Send Meeting Invites with iCal
Apple’s iCal can now use Postbox for sending calendar notifications.

Search for Mail Using Spotlight
Postbox provides full support for Apple’s Spotlight to search through message bodies, message header information such as To: or From:, and attachment names. 

Exchange Images with iPhoto
You can export photos directly from Postbox into iPhoto, and iPhoto will use Postbox to send photos as well!

Send Link from Safari
Easily send a web page link from Safari using Postbox. Very handy!

Lookup in Dictionary
Direct text-to-Dictionary lookups will help you quickly pick the perfect words.

Drag-to-Dock Message Creation
Dragging a file to the Postbox icon in the Dock will create a new message with the file attached.

Learn more about these new features and how to use them in our Quickstart Guide.

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