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iWork AppleScripts for Postbox

May 12, 2014
iWork AppleScripts for Postbox

A useful feature of iWork is the ability to share a document via email. This is usually accomplished by selecting “Send a Copy” from the Share menu, then selecting “Email.” However, iWork will not use a different email application if one is set as the default.

To get around this limitation, we’ve developed a few sample AppleScripts that you can use to quickly send an iWork document via Postbox. These scripts have been tested with the latest versions of Pages, Numbers, and Keynote.

How to get started:

1) If the scripts menu is not visible in the Finder Toolbar, open the AppleScript Editor app, located in the Utilities folder on your Mac.  Then open AppleScript Editor Preferences, and select the checkbox for “Show Script menu in menu bar.”  Close the Preferences panel and quit the AppleScript Editor application.

2) Download the AppleScripts-for-iWork.zip file which includes the following:

  • iWork-to-Postbox.scpt — If you are working within iWork, this sample script will export the current iWork document in the desired file format, then attach it to a new Postbox message. The iWork document must be in the foreground and saved before the script is run.
  • All-iWork-to-Postbox-Demo.scpt — This sample script performs the same functions as the above, but it will export in all file formats, and provides an example of a password option.
  • Attach-Pages-Exports-Demo.scpt — If you are working within Postbox, this sample script will allow you to select a Pages document, and then attach it to a new message in Pages, .doc and .pdf file formats.  This script can be modified to use Numbers or Keynote documents as well.

3) Select “Open Scripts Folder” from the Scripts menu in the Finder Toolbar, then copy the three .scpt files into that folder.

You can now run the scripts from the Scripts menu in the Finder Toolbar.


Please note that these sample scripts are provided for informational purposes only, and are not supported or contain warrantees of any kind.

Developer Info

These sample scripts were developed by Constantine Nickolas—an awesome developer who used to work at Apple on both the iWork and AppleScript teams. If you need any development work or AppleScript customizations, feel free to contact Constantine at: cnickolas@nickolaspad.com


We hope you enjoy these sample iWork AppleScripts for Postbox, and look forward to hearing about the customizations you make!

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